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RO Eulsifier for Water Soluble Cutting Oil

Nipro manufactures a variety of emulsifier packages that are suitable for variety of base oils and variety of machining operations. The selection of correct base oil and a correct emulsifier that is compatible to that particular base oil is very necessary. If there is consistency between the two then the quality of the end product shall be optimized. Emulsifier packages are available for base oils that include HVI, LVI, SN 100, SN 70, SN 50, Transformer Oil, Diesel and other base oils of Naphthenic or Paraffinic origin that are of similar viscosity and flash point.  

Emulsifier P-15

This is a standard emulsifier package that can emulsify light base oils that have low flash point (less than 150 oC) and low viscosity (below 7 CST @ 40 oC). This package has properties that are compatible to the characteristics of lighter stocks. 

Emulsifier P-25

This emulsifier package can emulsify heavier base oils with flash point above 150 oC and viscosity above 7 CST @ 40 oC. This package has power to emulsify these base oils well and can give strong bright emulsions. Cutting oils made from this emulsifier shall be suitable for medium machining operations. 

Emulsifier P-35

This emulsifier package is suitable for heavy base oils and shall give extra rust prevention properties as compared to the Emulsifier P-25 package. The package is added with extra additives that allow the final product to work at greater temperatures and water hardness levels. 

Emulsifier P-45

This emulsifier is an excellent product that optimizes the quality and lubricity of the base oil. It is recommended only for virgin base oils that have flash point above 180 oC. The product has been added with various additives that make it very strong against microbial activity. The final product made from this package shall give longer emulsion life and greater consistency in the emulsion.The final product made from the above packages shall be able to pass IS: 1115 with the use of any base oil of flash point above 150 oC. 

All the above packages shall give the following properties:       

- Rust Prevention    

- Water miscibility      

- Cutting Oil Stability      

- Good Emulsion life of the Cutting Oil      

- Easy miscibility in the base oil      

- Hard Water stability of the emulsion   




Emulsifiers for soluble oils

Rust Preventive Oils

Rust Preventive Oils

Rust Preventive Oil

Pine Oil

Concrete Mould Releasing Oil

Copper,Sulfate Pentahydrate

Orchard Spray Oil

Fish Oil Soap

SN 70 & SN 150

Rosin Soap

Cutting Oil HM1

Cutting Oil HM2

Rust Preventive Oil DW 1

Shuttering Oil

Transformer Oil

Calcium Petroleum Sulfonates

Sodium Petroleum Sulfonates

Cutting Oil HM3

Cutting Oil Emulsifier P15

Cutting Oil Emulsifier P25

Cutting Oil Emulsifier P35

Cutting Oil Emulsifier P45